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The retainer option provides the shortest pre-filing application processing time and will help expedite your application. Once a case is opened, payment will be drawn from your company's retainer balance. VISANOW will immediately begin working on your application once you submit the questionnaire. Contact your Account Executive to set up your retainer account today!
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Another payment option resulting in faster application times is to pay for cases by credit card. Once your Account has been created, you will enter the credit card payment information into the VISANOW VeriSign secured site. When you open a case, the fee will be charged to your credit card through a secured transaction. VISANOW will immediately begin working on your application once you submit your questionnaire.
With invoicing, VISANOW will begin working on your application once the entire payment is received, which could result in a longer pre-filing application processing time. Although we can’t begin reviewing your application, VISANOW will post a document request list to your account so you can immediately begin gathering the required documentation to support your application. This method may be preferable if you are required to submit an invoice to your accounts payable department. Once your account is setup, you will click on the Account Statement button in the menu bar to access the invoice(s) for printing.

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Service Agreement

Please read the following information carefully before acknowledging this agreement. This agreement is solely used to govern the use of VISANOW's website and does not constitute a contract for services provided by VISANOW.
FOR U.S. VISAS AND IMMIGRATION, Inc. ("VISANOW"), a Delaware corporation, is pleased to assist with your immigration matters ("Matters"). VISANOW provides non-legal services, including technological and administrative support, required for preparing and submitting visa applications for nonimmigrant, immigrant, permanent residence and citizenship status to the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS") and governmental agencies regulating foreign persons entering the United States.

Pursuant to the establishment of your account, whether it is individual or corporate ("Account"), and this Agreement, if and when necessary, VISANOW will, unless instructed otherwise, retain VISANOW, P.C., an Illinois professional services corporation that employs immigration attorneys, on your behalf, to advise on the legal aspects of visa applications and eConsultations. VISANOW, P.C. lawyers will be responsible for and supervise VISANOW's support staff in connection with any and all of the legal services necessary for the completion of applications made to the USCIS, Department of Labor ("DOL") and/or any State or Federal agency for immigration-related benefits.

If you do not wish for VISANOW to retain VISANOW, P.C. for any legal services necessary to complete your application, but wish to make use of the benefits offered by the VISANOW process, please notify your legal representative to contact VISANOW at 1-855-847-2669.

By acknowledging this Agreement, you agree to all terms and conditions in the Agreement with VISANOW and VISANOW, P.C.. Terms of the Agreement begin after a conflicts check is satisfactorily completed. If VISANOW or VISANOW, P.C. determine representation creates a conflict of interest or violates any code, statute or regulation, you will be notified and any payments will be refunded.
VISANOW will assist you with your Non-U.S. destination immigration matters (also referred to hereinafter as "Matters"). VISANOW provides non-legal services, including technological and administrative support, required for preparing and submitting visa/immigration applications to your designated destination country's applicable governmental agency responsible for processing applications for the admission of foreign persons.

Pursuant to the establishment of your Account, VISANOW will prepare and submit the processing of your applications with the applicable governmental agency(ies) responsible for processing applications for your selected destination.
You agree to pay the VISANOW fees for the Matters that you initiate. VISANOW fees include costs and fees for: preparing and submitting your application to the appropriate government agency(ies), including any legal fees due to VISANOW, P.C. or any third party, account questions and responses, and secure access to your account folder. Additional fees for overnight courier (e.g. Federal Express, UPS) will be charged to your credit card unless VISANOW is provided with your overnight courier account number for direct billing.

Filing Fees include the applicable destination country's governmental agency filing fee in effect on the date this Agreement is acknowledged. If the applicable governmental agency increases filing fees or imposes additional costs relating to the filing of applications these costs will be added to the original fee. VISANOW reserves the right to adjust such costs if it the time of filing there is a change in costs due to foreign currency exchange fluctuations versus the US Dollar. The additional amounts, if any, will be charged to your credit card at the time of filing. As soon as a Matter has been initiated and payment has been received, VISANOW immediately begins working on your application. All withdrawn cases are subject to a cancellation fee and prorated attorney fees. If you wish to withdraw a case before it is completed, please contact Customer Support for information on an Account credit. Please be aware that credits expire 12 months after issuance. In the event that your case is denied by a government agency, you may be entitled to a refund under the provisions of the applicable VISANOW guarantee in effect at the time.
By acknowledging this Agreement, you agree to all terms and conditions in the Agreement with VISANOW. You hereby authorize VISANOW to process your credit card. If a credit card charge fails or is charged back at a later date, you will be notified, and an alternative form of payment must be provided. If any outstanding amounts remain due, VISANOW will cease working on your application until payment issues are resolved.

You further agree that all information and documents you submit are true and correct. VISANOW and VISANOW, P.C. have the right to fully rely on all information and documents you provide.

Unless your visa application type was determined by an eConsultation review, you agree that VISANOW (or to the extent applicable, a VISANOW, P.C. attorney) has not advised you as to the suitability of the visa category selected. In the event that VISANOW (or to the extent applicable, a VISANOW, P.C. attorney) determines your application and supporting documents do not constitute a meritorious visa application, you will be informed through your Account with recommendations on how best to proceed. Cases are subject to a cancellation fee and prorated attorney costs. Contact Customer Support for information regarding a possible Account credit.

You acknowledge and understand that your selected country's governmental agency, having jurisdiction over immigration matters, may exercise discretion in making their decisions, and therefore VISANOW (or VISANOW, P.C. to the extent applicable) cannot be held liable, for any reason, if any governmental agency of any country refuses to act upon, delays acting upon, or denies the application of any applicant.

If you choose to appeal a governmental agency determination, you may be required to engage additional services from VISANOW, a VISANOW, P.C. attorney or legal counsel of your choice at substantial cost, time and expense, and may be subject to judicial or administrative proceedings and other delays and/or inconveniences.

VISANOW's (and to the extent applicable, VISANOW, P.C.'s) representation ends: (i) when you are informed of the applicable governmental agency's final decision (i.e. an approval or denial of the application or petition in question); (ii) upon receiving a termination request from you; or (iii) if payment is not made as stated above.
I acknowledge and accept the terms of the agreement.*
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